Burgess Hill Town Ladies 10 [Millie Morley 3, Caitlin Garden 2, Dee Vilciu, Lotti Pollendine, Charley Law, Ellie Lawrence, Maria-Madalina Bardea] Victoire Dev 0

The Hillians Ladies commenced their league season playing plenty of constructive football to record their highest score in 6 seasons .

It took only 10 minutes for Dee Vilciu to receive a long through ball from Nia Hall to put the Hillians ahead . Both sides had chances to score before Capt Sadie Ashby's pass enabled Lotti Pollendine to score ,

With growing confidence the Hillians were in control and played some excellent football but good work by Victoire's keeper restricted the score to just 2 more goals by halftime , Charley Law scoring from a Jess Gray pass and Maria-Madalina Bardea scoring with a well directed ball to make the halftime score 4-0 .

Victoire played better football at the start of the 2nd half without really troubling Hillians back 4 of debutant Annie Lees, Hayley Nash, Penny Gittins and Nia Hall and 15 minutes elapsed before debutant Caitlin Garden put the Hillians further ahead . Midway through the half Millie Morley scored the first of her hattrick and in the last 15 mins of the game 4 more goals were added , Morley scoring twice, Ellie Lawrence adding her contribution and Garden adding her 2nd.

To their credit an understrength Victoire never gave up and had a couple of corners near the end of the game , Victoire made Dee Vilciu Hillians "Player of the Match"

The last time the team had scored double figures was in the 2012/13 season when they beat South Park 13-3

Squad :- Casey Dunford : Annie Lees, Hayley Nash, Penny Gittins , Nia Hall ; Sadie Ashby [Capt] , Jade Chapman; Lottie Pollendine, Maria-Madalina Bardea, Millie Morley ; Dee Vilciu, ;
Subs used :- Caitlin Garden , Ellie Lawrence,Jess Gray, Sophie Jones, Charley Law

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